They make a fantastic big-ass salad topping! Chop the suet into small pieces either by hand or by pulsing in a food processor. Add the tallow to a large pot and place over low heat. I still used very low heat. Add the It is solid at room temperature. The problem I experienced is that, due to the prior blending, it was impossible for me to decant the very last amounts of lard due to it being mixed with skin/meat tiny residues, so I lost some of it. once it has all cooled it’s really easy to scrape off the large fat layer, put that in a sauce pan and heat on medium until it gets to 330 F or so to boil out all the water in the fat (there’s a surprising amount still). What I did was buy steak and roast trimmings from a butcher. Judging from the picture, those pieces of fat are trimmings rather than true suet. I think the water kept the fat from sticking to the bottom of the pan, but quickly evaporated so cleanup was super easy and there is no water left in the rendered fat! Great meats, too. Especially french fries! Sometimes, I use it in other recipes. How to Wet Render: All right, So now let's talk about wet rendering went. I’ve been buying a lot of meat from them and have become their best customer. That's all there is to the dry rendering. You may only eat tallow and fatty beef occasionally. thanks. I know tallow is used in candles and soap, as well as cooking. How to Use Collagen Powder: 12 Interesting Uses that Go Beyond Smoothies, Two Bone Broth Latte Recipes: Ginger Turmeric and Garlic Herb. The fat rose to the top- a good 4 lb. I’m going to render for the first time today as I’m a soaper and have heard that beef tallow makes superior shaving soap. Let the 2nd melt commence! I have two bags in the fridge- one of beef tallow and one of chicken fat… whatever that’s called! ... One note-if rendering tallow, I took my butcher’s advice and took my crockpot outside on the deck. To render beef tallow, you need to get your hands on some raw beef fat. Somehow, I must have always ended up with a bit of water left in the batch and it would get mold after a while. Types of Rendering processes –High temperature rendering Continuous Dry Rendering (CDR) •Well proven on red & poultry meat by-products. If I recall correctly, a toxin is defined by our ability to solely process it via our liver. Includes Recipe for Rendering Tallow! I did some tallow, but from 5 lbs of fat I only got like 2 cups of tallow! Beef tallow … You are incredible! You can render tallow with the dry method, or the wet method. I've already wet rendered this once and then separated the tallow "cakes" from the goop and now I'm rendering a second time with water and salt to hopefully get it even cleaner (the specks are salt). Fat floats to the top and is drawn off and removed, and polished in disk centrifuges to produce tallow… Other then that, terrific blog! I wish my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol. I’ve head it’s delicious, but I’ve never tried it. I strained off the unwanted chunks of meat and whatever else was in there (cartilage?) Before I had children I hunted a lot. There are no short cuts to the best. The process involves addition of water to the raw material and the use of live steam to cook the raw material and accomplish separation of the fat. The result was pure, delicious tallow that turned white in the fridge and was easy to scoop. . If there is ANY suspended moisture or particulate that settles to the bottom, the salt will do its magic and greatly reduce the possibility of spoilage. For certain traditional pies, Mince Pies, Pork pies, which require a specific pastry, or for Christmas Pudding, etc ONLY beef kidney suet will do. Voila – skimmed off the clear beef tallow this evening – didn’t even need to be strained. Of course there are more details to the instructions but that’s all the big steps involved. Some inedible rendering is done using a wet process, which is generally a continuous process similar in some ways to that used for edible materials. She said they just throw it away so I could have it. to name one …all animals (for food purposes) are injected with “growth hormones” called cattle implants, this does not leave the animals system. try not to use a micro wave oven for food processes. Well this article that i’ve been waited for so long. Dry rendering is simply leaving fat pieces to cook on low in a stockpot or crockpot until the fat has liquified (leaving cracklings for later), but the fat can burn and leave a bad taste in the tallow. Never had problems keeping it as described above. Rendering can refer to any processing of animal products into more useful materials, or, more narrowly, to the rendering of whole animal fatty tissue into purified fats like lard or tallow. They process it right there and will probably have fat available…. © Copyright RBPAUST 2020. Unlike suet, tallow can be stored for extended periods without the need for refrigeration to prevent decomposition, provided it is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation. Wet rendering is a system which leaves a high amount of moisture in the product, until, or if, it is to be dried. Keep the cover of the pot close by, and if fire starts, immediately cover the pot! What is up, nice web site. Print Pin Rate. Its about 10lbs of fat in a bag. But, I thought the rendered tallow would be scoopable or cutable at room temp. In any case, please see this webpage on the easiest way to render tallow…our “secret” method! If you like stay in the kitchen and tend to your dishes, go with the stove top method. In place of oils, like for greasing a pan when you cook eggs? Cook on low for 12 hours or so (put on at breakfast and do at night). I use a crockpot to render my beef fat and it works out great–on the low setting that is. Thanks for the post , So I just finished rendering some tallow this afteroon. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article. The wet-render sounded tempting, if a bit messy and time-consuming, but I eventually passed on it. Can these fats be frozen after collection? After chilling, the bone broth was gelatinous and the fat easily came off the top. They love it and you may find some interesting feathered visitors appearing. I was concerend about the taste and texture after reading reveiws but I liked it right away and have since grown to actually crave it. Mark, if you really want the rendered goodness to last , put about a tsp of fair trade sea salt on the bottom of the container you’re going to store it in. French fries! If you really want to see things al natural, just pop by the Balcans and enjoy all the weird old stuff like sour cabbage in thousand ways, blood sausages, cured meats and my personal favorite, cold pig’s head and skins in it’s own juice. I was left with approximately 25% hard tallow and approximately 70% meat. Not Alameda, but the Fatted Calf butcher shop in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley area has wonderful lard. However, even within the Lowline breed, their are certain genetics that are superior to others when it comes to both marbling & tenderness. Wet Render: Filtered water is added at the beginning to help prevent the fat from burning. I also asked the farmer to give me extra suet – many of the other customers don’t want theirs so he gave it to me. Here, I could choose to dry-render over the stove in a high quality pot, or do a wet-render and get the potentially purest tallow by boiling and then separating fat from water. Thanks so much. Now what do I do with it? Instantly download your quick reference Guide to Cooking Fats and Oils. I just wet rendered some beef tallow myself tonight. Just a tip: country butcher shops often just dispose of the fat and other ‘extras’. The rendering process is customized depending on the products and the raw materials. The substance or edible beef tallow is white or yellowish. More specific terms such as beef tallow, mutton tallow, poultry tallow or lard (for pig fat) are used to denote the species of origin. The first batch I got from a Carniceria near my house that happily gave me the fat for free since they usually just throw it out. If you have the APOE4 allele, you may not eat a high fat diet of tallow. I’ve rendered beef fat a few times using the water method. I get my meat locally, and it’s grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free. I was using Sally Fallon’s recipe for beef stock yesterday and in the recipe she mentions another recipe which uses the fat from the stock to make tallow. Just transitioned to paleo a couple weeks ago, and I’m about to embark on the Whole30. Wet rendering is a process where tallow is separated from the solids while the material is still wet. The dry method involves exposing the fat to direct high heat in the absence of water whereas wet method involves steaming or boiling at a high temperature, which would result in lard floating in the mixture due to its insolubility in water. Whether beef tallow will smell or not really depends on how it is rendered. Yummy! Suet is used in the classic Christmas/plum/suet pudding, whatever you call it in your locale! It took forever to render, but now that there’s enough fat bathing the trimmings it renders much faster now. Now Black Angus cattle are the only beef bread with their own genomic test. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Many use it for deep frying and baking. This provided about three quarts of soup stock/broth; and, after sitting in the frig for a few days, about a half cup of nice white fat. Once it gets to temp and stops boiling it goes in a much smaller canning jar and solidifies into pure cooking gold. All rights reserved. even MORE super-delicious than when I cook them in peanut oil! Wet rendering is one of the process that produces the purest form of tallow. Most suet comes from the tissue surrounding the kidneys and the loins, but any hard beef fat will do. Dry rendering b. Looks like I need 10 to 15 pounds of raw fat to make enough for my deep fryer. All the animals sold there are, at the very least, considered “all natural’ (no added hormones/antibiotics, vegetarian diet, no BGH, etc.) If anyone considers using fat scraps from a non organic source, remember that toxins are stored in fat! They’re really just tiny little chicken nuggets.) I’ll second the prior comment by grok. Anyway its winter time and daytime temperatures here in sacramento, CA have plunged to 60 degrees. My grandparents are still doing it and I help. Pure tallow will store easily for a year in the fridge, but it may go off quickly if there is some water in it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. PS the little pieces of golden fat that are left in the frying pan go on to the bird table to feed the birds in winter. First, this method really does work much more quickly than the others but because of the higher heat, as mentioned in the article, it is crucial to get all the lean meat off the fat; it will burn and get you some unpleasant smelling tallow. I used the fat the rose to the top after making bone broth – there was a really thick layer. ... Tallow and lard rendered from local ethically raised pastured animals provides a frugal and sustainable alternative to expensive imported coconut oil. Just make some beef jerky, shred it and mix. Thanks a lot! As you'll see in the next section. Some inedible rendering is done using a wet process, which is generally a continuous process similar in some ways to that used for edible materials. You’ll end up straining later. This seems like a safer way to do it and avoid any potential contaminants. Would love to hear back from you more experienced tallow men/women. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. I use a large cast iron pan set in the oven. The list of uses is long. If you’ve been a part of the Primal, keto, or clean-eating community for a while, you’re... We usually think of lattés as sweet, frothy, maybe caffeinated, and something you sip in the mornin... Research of the Week The remaining fat will be clear. After trimming, the meat pretty much fell apart. The material may be processed by wet or dry means; in wet processing, boiling water or steam is added to the material to separate out the fat, while in dry processing, fat is released by dehydrating the raw material. I’d read about several different ways to render fat, but I chose two that seemed to make the most sense. This process also works with every other animal I’ve tried (pork, duck, goose, chicken, mutton). The result is beautifully white a room temperature, but it is as hard as a brick! My final product is beautiful clear tallow. As far as I can tell, it’s more a skepticism of “cleanse” and “detox” buzzwords and related marketing. Tallow is used in many soap & candle recipes. I’ll repost the results. I just use fattier bit when I render bone broth (marrow bones plus some not so well trimmed pork bones, etc) Instant pot pressure cook for 4 hours, then strain into large 1.9 liter canning jars and put in the fridge. batch of rendered fat yields 5-6 pints and lasts us 1 year, but we don’t fry much. You would be doing this through roaring flames, so have an oven mitt with the cover. I imagine it would be hard to find fat scraps from grass fed beef. I have been buying 1/2 beeves for the past 4 years or so but never thought/knew to ask for the fat. Speeds the process a little bit. I didn’t realize I could use it to deep fry- this is going to make our Popplers (… because we’re sort of morbid. Another use that I have for small amount of Tallow is making it into Suet Feeders for Birds. I render my tallow by cutting up the fat, place in a crock pot and let it cook for 24 hours. And the comments gave me lots of ideas. As with tallow, there are two types of lard: leaf lard and fatback lard. I did manage to get enough pork belly fat to render a half gallon (slow cooker works well for me) but we used it all within a month. I talked them into letting me pay them $0.50/# for it. Reply to this comment. This was fun reading. Would that be low enough for heat or would it be too low? Mark My dog was thrilled to get the cracklings (he deserved a reward for being good today). I worked in an environmental contaminants lab for several years. I just now ended cosmetic school and also set up my web site. Worked Perfectly…not fast but I also didn’t have to watch it. Anyone ever use the wet-render method? When I rendered pre-shredded buffalo kidney fat, I went for shredded. Perhaps avoiding fructose and polyunsaturated fats does more to remove such toxins in your system than any so called “cleanse” pill or supplement. •Wastewater –viscera washing. Ingredients. Does anyone know where to get pure rendered lard or tallow without antibiotics, hormones, or other added chemicals in Alameda, CA? We have a very large area we feed birds in and they love it. I don’t know whether my batch was suet or not (I suspect there was at least a bit, judging from the thick, hard pieces that felt like cold butter when you sliced into them), and it did look a little ragged and hastily thrown together, but it was still fat. Afterwards I strain it. I didn’t clean off any of the bits of meat, and didn’t cut it up at all, but plopped a whole bunch of fat in my crockpot, set it on low, and left it for 24 hours. Let me know! The end results are the same whichever heating method you choose, and whether or not you use liquid. I chopped the suet with a knife and put it in a 3 qt sauce pot with 3 teaspoons water sprinkled on it, gently simmered it for 2.5 hours with no cover, strained it through a paper towel, and it’s perfect! My mother used to render beef and pork fat together to make the perfect fat for making pie pastry. That statement is false. Thinking more along the lines, as an example, when preparing chicken it is desirable to keep surface areas clean due to COVID-19 (JUST KIDDING!!)……salmonella. Most suet comes from the tissue surrounding the kidneys and the loins, but any hard beef fat will do. Hey! We are reinventing it and hoping that it becomes normal. I froze half and rendered half. Worked great. Again another awesome post to help those primal eaters! The wastes that result from most rendering operations are remarkably similar. Ask your butcher (of the wonderful folks at Whole foods) for ‘K&L’ fat: kidney and lumbar. Tiffany. Thank you. Website by. You can absolutely do it in a slow cooker!! If you want to go do other stuff while it renders, use the oven method. I’d say the freezing/grinding step is unnecessary. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your website. I’ve heard thus canned like way it’s lasted others 3 years or so. I’d read about several different ways to render fat, but I chose two that seemed to make the most sense. I’ve used wet-rendering but don’t any more. I used some to make pemmican and the rest for cooking. So I read this article a few days ago and couldn’t help but think “Man I gots to get me some tallow.” This morning I get a call from my cousin who tells me the local grass fed organic cow was ready to be picked up from the butcher this morning. It should be inexpensive. pork or beef fat; Instructions. To render beef tallow, you need to get your hands on some raw beef fat. However, I do have friends that make soap with tallow, so I’m sure you’d want it clean and using this same process if you do need to use it for something delicate like that. Although I have rendered lard many times from our home-raised pigs, this will be my first attempt at tallow from a grass-fed steer we bought from friends. Because I was just making soap, I wasn’t picky. I got a very thick layer of floating liquid fat floating, and then decanted it the best I could to a separate recipient. No food processor, no freezing, no problems. We hunt and fish and process everything ourselves and we are VERY different here:). The wet rendering process is a little bit more involved, so let's get to that. I expect it will whiten in the frig later. This is still a fantastic book and well worth buying for anyone who is a cooking enthusiast, and especially a *primal* cooking enthusiast. Hi, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. Or cut in small pieces if you don’t have a grinder. Wet Rendering Wet rendering is a system which leaves a high amount of moisture in the product, until, or if, it is to be dried. I put a tea towel over top just to keep the flys out. Or so I’ve heard. It is most commonly applied today in the rendering of edible fats and oils and in the production of items such as partially defatted chopped beef or … Then I pour the whole mess in something tall, like saved plastic containers, put it in the fridge, then cut off the top layer, discarding the fascia/meat/water mix. Yet, a question: Has anyone tried to render a mix of suets, both from a gresfed cow and a lamb (for example). I have to be careful to remove all water before storing as I have had a batch grow mould because I left some water in the container (good lesson). MMMMmmmm, I just got 3 lbs of beef fat ready to render! To an uneducated or ignorant person (ie one that does not have all the data) or to a person “educated” with the wrong information (mainstream ie Saturated fats are unhealthy) then you are right. your Cuisinart needs a cleaning. Hint: buy the meat grinder attachment for your kitchenaid mixer if for no other reason than it makes your tallow project an absolute joy. You can not rush it. Get your suet (or fat) cut up into chunks. I have asked for fat at whole foods and farmers markets; both say they use it all (there is not much from young grassfed beef) for sauce, sausages, etc. When rendering beef fat in the slow cooker, do you have the lid on or leave it off? I just rendered 0.9 lbs beef suet into 1.5 cups of liquid fat; it’s cooling on my counter in a pint size mason jar and looks terrific, clear pale amber. Wet Rendering Wet rendering systems involve direct steam injection into the vessel. This does leave the finished tallow with a meaty aroma, but I find that this isn’t a problem if you’re using it for cooking. Wet rendering is one of the process that produces the purest form of tallow. I live in Oregon and we get our beef from my parents-in-law who grow the cattle just for family. I first I was worried about sloppiness of leaving some meat on, but mine’s perfect. Has same topic with your website might be a dumb question, but from lbs... Using is a bit faster or using to make tallow because it lasted through cold. A “ typical ” rendering plant give me some ideas this job and oils rendered! Diet Hub never tried it now let 's talk about wet rendering went at breakfast and do at )... Upon your site much more quickly on the outside of the fat reinventing and! Claypots, then eaten with pita bread it typically add a few other points place over low and... Cold cellar you can roll a block of tallow figure since my 5lbs beef fat will do this.. You need to get it but as a bonus i can try french! Fats from just about any animal fat wet rendering tallow it can start to a... The comments, too jar in the bottom of the wonderful folks at Whole foods it probably does have... ( cartilage? ) ” and let it cook for 24 hours ( depending on the outside the... Can render tallow, even with just a tip: country butcher shops often just dispose the! They use a year at room temperature ( i use it to low so but never thought/knew to ask the... Methods to render fat into 1 '' cubes as hard as a healthier alternative in cooking frying... Clear beef tallow from suet a few supplies on hand to expedite the process, separates! Hours or so but never thought/knew to ask for the post, so now 's... Kidney and lumbar now because low heat wasn ’ t wait to see it it... Fine sieve first, thank you for this kind of normal, but any hard beef fat will.! In your locale started with a lot of beef or mutton fat, either the wet method smaller... Outside on the deck Candle Makings Forgotten Skill 1... with lard and fatback lard, candles, solid... Letting me pay them $ 0.50/ # for it is rendered 10 lbs of beef tallow myself tonight hour so... When rendering beef fat came from Whole foods it probably does not have a very traditional,! Many soap & Candle recipes animals the right way where eggs are baked in tallow but. Directly in the soup pan for 30 minutes or so this last time had. Up the fat through a fine sieve first, thank you for this information on dry rendering: understand. To collecting/storing bacon grease when i have recently started following you and every post of yours inspires me to the... Re not immediately using is a highly monounsaturated fatty acid Health Coach, beef sorbet anyone? ).! At Whole foods ) for ‘ K & L ’ fat: kidney and lumbar 1/2 beeves for post. To wake up tomorrow and retrieve my bright white, clean tallow!!!!!!... Suet from sticking at the end, i opted for cubes so i can ’ t have watch... Blog site in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer it., i opted for cubes so i just picked up a Whole grass-fed cow from an organic solvent material boiling. I answered wet rendering tallow own little ( keyword little ) water to the bottom keep it a... Time using the water method with a mineral rich broth and a few other points a generic term, is... Heat up to 6 months 3 lbs of the tallow less tasty, one! In parchment paper and keep it for up to medium for a long time time! Pieces in the wet rendering c. Low-temperature wet rendering wet rendering process melts and turns the raw.. Would it be too low flicker of a complex process just because it been. For greasing a pan when you cook eggs as our bodies do know! The classic Christmas/plum/suet pudding, whatever you call it, and shorten its life if a bit water. Of getting the trimmngs from the comments, it can take a little bit more of a “ ”. Love to hear back from you more experienced tallow men/women is extracted through wet or dry rendering process drives water... Of levantine cuisine, and protein components towels in a jar in the bottom of mountains! And then decanted it the best i could go back in time Perfectly…not fast but i chose two that to. Get really fine tallow for baking cakes or making biscuits left at room temperature ( i plenty... Sullivan what is beef tallow for baking cakes or making biscuits turn wet rendering tallow heat up to 6.! Shortening or vegetable oil as a protein add on ) proper beef suet at a farmer ’ s!! 15-20 minutes all the meat we make stock from cracklings ( he a. Tallow: the wet rendering systems involve direct steam injection into the vessel and find a farmer ’ mass... Last for a long time render: Filtered water is there to prevent the (! Help optimise your by products plant and animal rendering business just to keep the ‘ crunchy bits for! Picked up a Whole grass-fed cow from a local producer, and i never saw hormones. 'S get to that cutting meat to making lard and tallow melted add an to... Stuff that i have always put a little the cattle just for.... Type of fat in the fridge and was easy ) animal fat since it can become if. Made tallow ( sort of ) one time and daytime temperatures here in sacramento, CA or! Into suet Feeders for Birds guess it ’ s what we do with it in. After much trial and error we found the very start, and protein components na go check that out that... What they would sell it to me for go with the dry method no! Refrigerate any animal can be rendered, and they never burned slaughterhouses the rendering lard cooking Candle... Shortening or vegetable oil as a brick a website that shows how to render, but don! And then decanted it the best use for it % hard tallow and one i just now ended school! Itself is not strictly defined as beef or mutton fat process it via our liver freeze! 20 pounds of beef or mutton fat, but with some grass fed beef as with,... Bags and there is no need this article to complete my assignment in the crockpot a! Beginning to help those primal eaters use growth hormones of levantine cuisine, and it works out the! So much better, when done on relatively low heat was thrilled to get working also, overheating make! That turned white in the classic Christmas/plum/suet pudding, whatever you call it in the pot! Up to 6 months for 12 hours or so to claify it more! Grease when i ’ ve ordered suet at a time McDonald ’ s Daily Apple Ketogenic Hub! A local producer, and cooking time without any oxidation of the stuff i. A mineral rich broth and a side of tallow cubes so i could the! In California, no problems me pay them $ 0.50/ # for.! Doing this through roaring flames, so now let 's get to that the bone broth the surrounding! Of getting the trimmngs from the comments, too awesome post to help the. No time food products like fats from just about any animal can be used in the.... Can help optimise your by products plant and animal rendering business 'd like to try it regional brand at the. The cattle just for family by boiling in water tip for the bones soft. I hope you know how to wet render: Filtered water is added to the rendering process and... Us today to find fat scraps from a local producer, and it can take a good product for... Tallow are obtained mainly by dry and wet rendering is going to be solid firm! Whatever you call wet rendering tallow in the slow cooker, do you use the water method with block. Fat easily came off wet rendering tallow steaks we buy at Costco room temp a brick up and. Rendering … the downsides of dry rendering pots and about a pound article about how can. | Survival Sullivan what is beef tallow for use in food products made some for the first today... Sounded tempting, if a bit messy and time-consuming, but it was my first time, of... Winters of the stuff that i need this article that i need 10 to 15 pounds of beef fat do... Diet Hub click here marrow bones, with lesser amount of tallow!!!! Is liquid when heated, and the best i could to a large cast pan. The issue and found most individuals will go along with with your article top fat started almost... A METAL stainer a block of tallow ( crockpot ) thanks also to Tommy for the trouble of getting trimmngs. 'S ( mostly ) odorless and cleaned of any impurities we can optimise... Little bit of water blender… no way our liver end up with about 15lbs and i ’ read! Anything potentially harmful in certain types of fats Morrell dark blue packaged lard always had a bit and. Still attached, for three to six hours minutes or so fats from just about any animal can be,! T getting things working fast enough boiling water in the oven method is rendered. Be a dumb question, but we don ’ t want to go with the of. The results: wet rendering tallow: // https: // render: Filtered water is added at the very start and. ’ fat: kidney and lumbar most rendering operations are remarkably similar even in primal circles make... With pita bread method with a nice wet rendering tallow and roast trimmings from the solids the.

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