The battle was one of the most crushing victories of the Thirty Years' War. Battle of Nördlingen (disambiguation) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the center, Catholic German infantry were placed in front with the Spanish behind them. The second Battle of Nördlingen (or Battle of Allerheim) was fought on August 3, 1645 southeast of Nördlingen near the village of Alerheim. Below at the right, foot soldiers rush to join the melee. By contrast, the combined Protestant forces numbered 16,000 infantry and 9,000 horse. Bernhard felt that no matter the odds, an attempt must be made to relieve Nördlingen. Media in category "Battle of Nördlingen (1645)" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. nördlingen, le mur de la ville (romantic road, bavière, allemagne) - nördlingen photos et images de collection The Battle of Nördlingen on 6 September 1634, 1634. The Imperials and the Catholic League were facing increasingly severe pressure in the war from the French, Swedes and their Protestant allies and were struggling to prevent a French attempt to advance into Bavaria. Mercy and Werth deployed their right wing on the Wennenberg, anchored their left wing on the schloss (castle) hill, and posted their center on the low ridge between the wings. From within the walled city of Nördlingen in the Upper Palatinate, a lone rocket arced slowly skyward on the night of September 3, 1634. [5][6], The Protestants proved unable to prevent the fall of Regensburg to Ferdinand of Hungary and desperately pursued him westwards in an effort to prevent the merger of the two Habsburg armies. France had long been financing the enemies of the Habsburgs, but now they no longer were strong enough to be relied upon. The second Battle of Nördlingen (or Battle of Allerheim) was fought on August 3, 1645 southeast of Nördlingen near the village of Alerheim. Meanwhile, in the center, Bernard had avoided battle and prevented the Imperialists from reinforcing their threatened left by skillful use of his artillery. Later that night, the Imperial army conceded defeat and withdrew to Donauwörth. "The Thirty Years War", Cecily V. Wedgwood, pp. They were aware that Spanish reinforcements under Ferdinand of Hungary's cousin, the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria, were en route from their dominions in Northern Italy. fr Frédéric est mort en 1634 dans la Bataille de Nördlingen, peu de temps après sa majorité. A small remnant of Protestants fled to Heilbronn. The Battle of Nördlingen (German: Schlacht bei Nördlingen; Spanish: Batalla de Nördlingen; Swedish: Slaget vid Nördlingen) was fought on August 27 (Julian calendar) or September 6 (Gregorian calendar), 1634 during the Thirty Years' War. Battle of Nördlingen, (Sept. 5–6, 1634), battle fought near Nördlingen in southern Germany. WikiMatrix. Search Advanced search. Following a major defeat of Württemberg troops in the battle of Nördlingen on 6 September 1634, Württemberg was severely looted and plundered. The chief consequence of Protestant defeat at Nordlingen was to bring France into … Despite their best efforts the Protestant armies were still behind when Ferdinand of Hungary set down to besiege the town of Nördlingen in Swabia and await the Cardinal-Infante, who arrived before the city on 2 September - three days before the Protestants.[7]. Battle of Nördlingen. To protect their weak center, the Bavarian and Imperial officers had some dismounted dragoons and foot soldiers barricade themselves in the village. Following the death of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in the Battle of Lützen on November 16, 1832, his chancellor Axel Oxenstierna ably continued the Swedish war effort. 380, 385-386, 391>. Category:Battle of Nördlingen. They hoped to defeat the French by forcing them into a disadvantageous attack uphill into the fire of the Imperial cannon. Consequently, the Protestant German princes made a separate peace with the Emperor in the Treaty of Prague.[14]. Battle of Nördlingen (1645) This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations . The divisions in … After the Protestant victory at the Battle of Lützen two years before, the Swedes failed to follow up due to the death of their king, Gustavus Adolphus. Publicité Toutes les traductions de battle of nordlingen disambiguation. For this reason, the Austrian Habsburgs are frequently referred to as the Imperialists.) The second Battle of Nördlingen (or Battle of Allerheim) was fought on August 3, 1645 southeast of Nördlingen near the village of Alerheim. The initial blast was followed by several more in quick succession. A crushing victory for the Habsburgs in the Thirty Years’ War, it ended Swedish domination in southern Germany, and it led France to become an active participant in the war. Consequently, the Protestant commanders quickly reversed course and headed north. En 1633, sa contribution lors de la bataille de Nördlingen contre les Suédois se révèle décisive pour la victoire espagnole. Contenu de sens a gent. How to transfigure the Wikipedia . The battle was fought between Sweden and the Heilbronn League against Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Bavarian League. One km to the northeast of the village, the ridge rises to a height called the Wennenberg. The Roman Catholic Imperial army, bolstered by 15,000 Spanish soldiers, won a crushing victory over the combined Protestant armies of Sweden and their German-Protestant allies . [10], At sunrise on September 6, Horn commenced his attack, which suffered every kind of bad luck. In 1636, two years after Nördlingen, they defeated a combined Imperial and Saxon army at the Battle of Wittstock, followed later by victories at the Second Battle of Breitenfeld, the battle of Jankov, and the battle of Zusmarshausen. Once the hill was seized, artillery could be placed on top that would subject the enemy flank to enfilade fire. The Battle of Nördlingen was fought in 1634 during the Thirty Years' War, on 27 August or 6 September. Battle of Nördlingen The term Battle of Nördlingen refers to two battles during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). Battle of Nördlingen (1634). The Battle of Nördlingen (German: Schlacht bei Nördlingen ; Spanish: Batalla de Nördlingen ; Swedish: Slaget vid Nördlingen ) was fought in 1634 during the Thirty Years' War, on 27 August (Julian calendar) or 6 September (Gregorian calendar). add example. [8], The two Ferdinands drew up their armies between the Protestant forces and the town of Nördlingen, with the left wing anchored at the base of a hill. Císařská hlavní armáda zatím oblehla svobodné říšské město v Bavorsku nad Egerou Nördlingen. The chief belligerents were the Catholic Habsburg dynasties consisting of an Austrian and Spanish branch and their allies on one side. Frederick died in 1634 in the Battle of Nördlingen, shortly after he came of age. France and its Protestant German allies defeated the forces of the Holy Roman Empire and its Bavarian Catholic league allies.
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